Fast Express Courier Delivery Services handles cargo for all our network partners including airlines and shipping lines. If you want to assure the safety of your cargo to your client there are well tailored solutions for free hand handling and consolidation with our total insurance cover on goods in transit

Fast Express Courier Delivery Services has over 47000 square meters of covered warehouse and 80,000 square meters of open space warehouse with warehouse management system to warehouse your cargo as well as collateral management

Our warehouses are staffed with experienced and trained personnel for reliable service. Each is equipped with a modern facilities for fast and safe handling.

We offer secure storage for your cargo in all our warehouses.

Whether it’s air ocean freight, exhibition or dangerous goods, hanging garment, high value or heavy weight , pallets, crates, boxes and bundles. We handle! We care!

Our modern facilities include all the features expected in 21st century warehouses;

• State of the art security systems

• Racked storage

• 16 unloading docks

• Quick turnaround for pick and pack orders.

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